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All Vegetarian Menu

Something great is brewing at the Blue Elephant Cafe

Our goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere, the finest of freshly roasted organic coffee blends from around the world, the finest teas, freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade.

To complement our specialty drinks, B E Cafe offers freshly-baked bagels, tantalizing pastries, specialty soups, sandwiches and salads.

The B E Cafe is a great place for your next business or organization meeting; a fantastic place to meet friends and the perfect setting to relax:

The Blue Elephant stands for Peace and Prosperity.

Historians, travelers, poets, biologists and even philosophers have hymned and marveled at the elephant, as the matchless symbol of strength, greatness and dignity, either divine or human, endowed with super intelligence, rarely found among other beasts of the animal kingdom. The Greek historian Polybius (BC 201-120), the Venetian traveler Marco Polo (1254-1324), the British poet John Donne (1571-1631), the British writer Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936), the Russian poet Firdousi (940-1020), and the British novelist David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930), admired elephants as the most marvelous creatures in creation.

Dine in comfort

Enjoy our all vegetarian menu. Call ahead for extra speedy service. We have a wide assortment of specialty beverages. Relax in our plush lounge chairs, available to those wanting to surf the internet or simply relax over coffee with friends. Sidewalk seating in summer.